Garden lime compost additives at affordable prices

Chichester, UK


Do you think your plants need lime in their compost? The answer depends on the pH level of your soil.

If you recall your high school chemistry lectures, you must know how pH is measured. On a range of 0 to 14, 7 were considered the neutral level. Anything less than seven were considered acidic. On the other hand, 0 was considered the most acidic. Any value greater than 7 indicates the presence of alkali.

If your soil is acidic, applying garden lime would significantly enhance its quality by increasing the number of nutrients consumed by your plants. There are mainly two types of garden lime compost additives that gardeners use, i.e., agricultural lime and dolomite lime. Both lime fertilizers consist of calcium, and dolomite lime also contains magnesium. We provide high-quality garden lime for 25 kg and above at AK Kin Garden Supplies. Ground chalk adds these two elements to the soil. However, it is majorly used to optimize the pH value of the soil. It also reduces soil acidity, promoting healthy plant development and allowing many plants to thrive.

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