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Tuft Gun | Rug Gun | Tufting Machine – Tufting; In rug tufting, there is only one way to jumpstart your skills: Buy the right equipment. You can own a tufting gun, rug gun, and other tufting machines for fair prices, only here at Tufting.co! Review our full inventory today. As rug tufting gains steam across the world, it has become a trend and a hobby all at once. The question is, are you going to ride the wave and get into rug tufting yourself? If the answer is yes, then you’re going to need a few tools to get going, namely a tufting gun or a tufting machine. A rug gun or tuft gun helps speed up the process, allowing you to see your very own handmade tufted rug more quickly than manually using a punch needle.

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