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In the competitive era, one needs to regularly update oneself from time to time. If one is working in the corporate sector, getting a job is not enough. If one has to reach the top position in a company, acquiring the latest skillsets becomes very important. The most authentic and easiest way to attain knowledge is to apply for a certification course pertaining to a specific skill. Different industries demand different kinds of certification. One of the latest and most demanded certifications across industries is the six sigma certification.

Six sigma certification helps the applicants to learn the skill of improving the business process by removing any kind of errors and deviations in it. The customer demands keep on changing. To adhere to the customer demands and keep a hold of them, providing the latest service is very important. Refining and redefining the business processes from time to time helps in customer acquisition and reduces the attrition rate. This certification applies to both services based as well as product-based companies. 

There are various levels of six sigma certification. The main three levels are:

Each level is a different certification which is of a duration of 2-3 months. With each level, the expertise in the subject improves. The green belt is a basic course that helps in knowing the nuances of the technologies. The more detailed course is the black belt certification. During the course, various tools and techniques are taught. 

  • DMAIC: This technique is used to improve the existing business processes. The abbreviation stands for define, measure, analyze, improve and control. 
  • DMADV: This technique is used to improvise new business processes. The abbreviation stands for define, measure, analyze, design, and validate.

During the six sigma black belt  various tools are taught which are as follows:

  • Project charter
  • Fishbone diagram
  • Process map
  • Regression technique
  • Tools like Minitab
  • Root cause analysis, etc

Benefits of six sigma certification

The course helps a professional to uplift his/her career. It is a certificate course that helps you to get incentives and promotions in an organization. One also gets to learn managerial skills. All the errors and shortfalls that occur within an organization are reduced. Through this skill, the value of the employee also improves. 

The course can be opt-in online as well as offline. There are various organizations that offer this course. Professionals can opt for the course and mode of study at their convenience. One of the best organizations that offer six sigma certification that is accredited across different parts of the world is ISEL Global. 

The deliverable of the course are as follows:

  • Virtual classroom sessions of the instructor-led course session (Duration: 18+ hours)
  • Case study and evaluation notes.
  • Internationally recognized certification accredited by CSSC & IQF- USA,  for candidates scoring more than 50% marks in the exam
  • Pre and post assignment
  • Sample question paper.
  • Dummy project to practice.
  • Study material is couriered to the candidate’s address
  • The constant support of the trainer
  • Soft copy of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Handbook

During the course, the employees go through an intensive training program. The program includes theoretical as well as practical training. The entire course is divided into various e-learning modules. After completing all the assignments and course hours, one has to pass an exam (objective) to attain the certificate. The course is a complete package in itself. The content is also well-searched and revised from time to time to meet industry demands. 

ISEL Global Education is one of the finest institutes to apply for six sigma black belt certification online. The fees are as per the industry standards. With top-class trainers and excellent infrastructure, one gets hold of the topics very well. The teachers are available beyond classroom hours as well for query handling. The main aim of the organization is to deliver the highest quality of education. They guide the applicants towards a better and brighter future. So what are you waiting for? Apply now and take your career to new heights of success.

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