Best backwater resorts in Kerala

Kollam, Kerala, India

The Munroe Island Lake Resort - Located on Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada River, this best resorts in Kollam offers budget accommodations with stunning views of Nature. It also has a canoe & Houseboat tour, multiple dining options, and a variety of water sports activities.

Kerala is a tourist paradise. With its diverse nature and abundance of beauty, it attracts many tourists. Tourists enjoy visiting Kerala. They indulge in every activity and fun that nature offers there. kollam is not a place that can be savored in a day. To enjoy the beauty of a place like Kerala and to know the history of localities a day isn't enough. To immerse yourself in its beauty, all we have to do is stay. And what is better than a stay at resorts. Let’s see about some of the Best resorts in Kerala.
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