How to tame Shadowmanes in ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis: Part 2


Shadowmanes is a new type of creature introduced in Genesis: Part 2. It is the last part of the ARK: Survival Evolved DLC. The following is to teach you how to tame them.

How to tame Shadowmane
The first step is to collect many fish baskets containing fish. The weight of the fish must be greater than 0.5 times to tame Shadowmane. If you need ARK Dinos, you can buy them from The bigger the fish, the higher the efficiency. As long as the weight of the fish meets the standard, the type of fish does not matter. You only need to place a pile of fish baskets along the riverbed where the fish are concentrated to catch them.

Shadowmane is usually found on the Rockwell side of the map, with the most abundant in the south. Shadowmane can only be tamed when it sleeps. Daytime is Shadowmane's sleep time, but they only stay for 20 seconds to one minute of sleep. We can use its sleep opportunity to approach it.

Take advantage of Shadowmane's sleep while sneaking close to it, moving towards it from the front will wake it up. It is best to use Ghillie Armor to reduce your chances of being spotted. After you approach it, a prompt will appear, allowing you to feed it a fish basket.

After feeding it a fish basket, Shadowmane will become invisible, and you must follow it to the next position. However, please make sure to keep a distance from it until it falls asleep again and repeat the above operation.

In the process of repeatedly feeding Shadowmane fish blue and tracking it until it is completely tamed, you don't need mutagens to do so. Directly choose to Buy ARK Dinos will save you a lot of time. Fortunately, once you start tame it, a tracker will appear on the screen, allowing you to easily track it and check your progress.

Awakening the sleeping Shadowmane without a successful feeding will cause all taming progress to be reset. However, it was attacked.
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