It appears that ooglydit's concerns were legitimate

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A request for an Oceania server area began in the month of Lost Ark Gold November 2021, which was a couple of months prior to the worldwide launch. In a thread with the title "Please Reconsider Oceania Servers"(opens in a new tab) user ooglydit wrote "While I'm very happy with the effort AGS has put into getting the region-lock removed from Australia and New Zealand, having a dedicated server to our region would go in leaps and bounds towards making it more pleasurable for us." The primary motivation behind the request was concerns about high rate of ping when connecting with more distant servers. "As currently we have only two options, which are EU/NA, we're considering either -250 ping from NA or -300 ping to EU."

It appears that ooglydit's concerns were legitimate. As of this writing the post, the request for Oceania servers is currently the top discussion on Lost Ark forums, with more than 3,000 users responding to the demand for a server specific to a region, and that figure is growing.As players are concerned, the high ping caused by connecting with distant servers can impact the experience. "I feel like I'm not enjoying the joy of my talents due to the time delay between the animation and the impact/result places an undue strain on the whole process," writes user Poppleop. Rigeth also notes that high ping can put Oceania players at a disadvantage during PvP. "It's not uncommon for most Australians to have a ping of 203ms or more which means that when we are in PVP against anyone with 18ms, or better , we'll generally lose 1v1" the players point out.
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