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It appears that Ooglydit's concerns were legitimate Lost Ark Gold. As of this writing the post, the request to have Oceania servers has been the most popular page on the Lost Ark forums, with over 3,000 respondents adding to the demand for a specific server for each region, and the amount is growing.As players were concerned, the high rate of ping from connecting to distant servers can negatively impact the experience. "I know I'm missing out on the enjoyment of my skills because the time between animation and impact/result puts an imperceptible damper on the whole experience," writes user Poppleop. Rigeth explains the fact that high ping puts Oceania players in a disadvantage when playing PvP. "It's also more common for the majority of Australians to be able to play at 203ms which means that when we are in PVP, and we are facing an opponent with 18ms or better we will usually lose 1v1" the players point out.
Amazon Games has outlined its April and May content schedule in the game Lost Ark, including two new playable classes.

It will launch in April with Glaivier, which is a female martial artist advanced class who weaves together attack with a spear and Glaive, based on two stances she employs: Focus and Flurry.

"While certain builds can draw your attention on one of these weapons an effective Glaivier is able to maximize the potential of these weapons by creating balance between the two positions by gaining strength in one stance , which gives an impressive stat boost when switching from one to another other,"reads this blog post.A A brand-new continent set to launch on April 1st: South Vern, a "once-barren place" which is now a land "of abundance of waters and green pastures". It will be the second Tier 3 continent, filled with new characters and quests.

More content is also on the way, but Amazon Games is handling this delicately so as not to overwhelm players, further addressing players' concerns about pay-to-win games. "We're going to keep the next few years focused on horizontal content , and give players clear pathways to progress without feeling like they need to pay for Lost Ark Gold for sale," according to the blog post. "We hope to give more players time to progress to the game's end before introducing Legion Raids (the definitive Lost Ark raiding experience) and to ensure that gamers can play Arkesia and advance at their own speed, not being pressured to rush towards the end of game content."
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