Advantages Of CNC Machining In Auto Parts Manufacturing



What are the advantages of using CNC machining in the automotive industry? Let's take a look.


One of the most significant advantages of CNC machining auto parts over traditional machining is speed, with especially short lead times during low-volume production. Since the processing is automatically carried out by the computer, there is no need to consider human factors such as fatigue during the processing. The advantages of CNC speed become especially apparent when producing large numbers of parts because computer instructions can be repeated as many times as necessary.

However, in some cases, conventional machining may be faster, for example when only one object unit needs to be produced. In these cases, the time required to create computer instructions can exceed the time required to manually machine individual parts.

Accuracy and Precision

Another reason automakers favor CNC machining is the accuracy and high precision of the process. The digitization and autonomy of the process make errors very unlikely, and the most precise CNC machining setups can provide tolerances of ±0.001 inches. Understandably, the automotive industry often requires such fine tolerances, as a failure of an engine or other critical component could have serious consequences for the end user. Precision machining of automotive components is often necessary to produce end-use metal parts, although looser tolerances are available for prototype CNC parts.


Since the same CNC machining job can be repeated many times with no variation between parts, this technology is especially useful when manufacturers need to produce large quantities of individual components. In an industry that manufactures and sells 81.5 million vehicles a year, the need for high volumes (always under strict quality control) is commonplace.

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