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Malegra 200mg is a medication which is available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.The main active salt that is used in this medicine is termed as sildenafil citrate (200 mg).This medicine contains a strong dosage of the salt which is not for beginners. In case of beginners doctors usually prescribe the lower dosage so that the effects we can get to know about them and if the medicine is not suitable for the person then they check that what are the factors like if the person is allergic to the salt or there is some other reason.Malegra 200 mg is a prescription based product which is quite trusted and available in the market.This medicine contains a lots of benefits but it has some mild side effects too.You have to swallow this medicine with a glass of water 30 or 60 minutes before having sensual intercourse for the peak results.Malegra 200 mg gives you the most effective results if it is suitable for you. You can have this with or without a meal.You must not consume more than one tablet in the duration of 24 hours otherwise you can face severe side effects also. If you are taking nitrates then you must not take this medicine. Also you have to check that you must not be taking any other ed medicine.Buy malegra 200mg online at our store

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