You will get a blue mark on the map

New York, 纽约美国

After that, there's an NPC that is called Ronika in Facility X-301, when you reach the facility, you must speak to Ronika. Her location is in the southeast and she'll wait for you when you arrive. Only after meeting Lost Ark Gold you will know about Lost Ark Tarmakum Location.

However, before having a chance to talk to Ronika, you'll need to defeat every mob that is in your way. After eliminating all the enemies, you can speak with Ronika.

After you have had a chat with Ronika, she will ask for you to take on a job for her. The mission is known as the investigation of Ronika Traces. Make a note of every objective you're required to accomplish in-game,y. Just follow the location and you will be able to find it.

Also, the action Ronika would like you to complete best place to buy Lost Ark Gold will be displayed upon the map. In this, you have to check a machine that is currently operating. After that, you need to figure out a way of stopping the machine and then check the pile of boxes.
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