How to Install Hotmail Password Recovery Utility

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Users can access Hotmail from any internet browser and from any location in the world for free. Microsoft bought Hotmail in 1997 from its creators, and in August 2012 the software giant gave it a makeover and a new name: In the past ten years, there have been numerous changes to the online email service.


The Steps Involved:


  1. Firstly, go to Once the landing page is up, click on the Can't access your account? link - it should be below the Sign-in button.


  1. You will be transferred to the Why are you having trouble signing in? window. Select the I forgot my password option and click Next.


  1. Type in your Hotmail email in the Microsoft account field and enter the right characters for the Captcha verification. And click Next.


  1. Select your preferred verification option. The link to the password recovery page will be sent to one of the many methods to Hotmail Password Finder.


  1. If you clicked on the I don't use these anymore option, you will need to fill out a short form to retrieve your password. These are basic information that will verify that you are indeed the owner of the account.


  1. If you are successful, you will receive an account recovery code. Enter the Recovery code in the corresponding field. Click on the Use Recovery Code button.


  1. Proceed with completing the Hotmail Password Recovery Process.
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