Our characters in games are a virtual

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The new options will include new hair styles color as well as WoTLK Gold facial hair, skin colors Horns, accessories, tail length, tattoos and more. Void elves will have larger ear sizes, and there are plans for additional Druid travel styles and Night Fae soulshapes as well.

"Our characters in games are a virtual representation of our character in Azeroth and the ability to customize character options to make our characters more unique helps us feel closer to these characters." Blizzard writes in an official forum post announcing their new character customization options.

A greater variety of character creation options has long been a request of the game's community, they believe that the game's character creation tools aren't as well-developed compared to buy WoTLK Classic Gold other modern MMOs. Shadowlands have made huge strides in bridging that gap.
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