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Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga that involves breathing exercises, singing, chanting and other repetitive sequences of poses. It was formerly called Laya yoga. Kundalini is a yoga of inner awakening. The main aim of this practice is to activate the spiritual energy that is said to be located at the lower part of your spine. The practice is sometimes referred to as the yoga of awareness because it helps you to be conscious of yourself and the things around you. The term “Kundalini” comes from the Sanskrit word “kundal,” which means “circular.” It also refers to a coiled snake.


Although Kundalini involves physical workouts, the primary practice is spiritual. While other forms of yoga flow with your breath, Kundalini combines movements, chanting and breathing in a particular pattern.

Kundalini yoga is made up of six main components, which are practiced in the following order:

Opening chant. Warmup (breathing exercise). Kriya (sounds and meditation). Relaxation. Meditation. Closing chant. There is a great online blog article on Teacher Trainings and Kundalini Yoga.                                                       

Kundalini Awakening Benefits

  1. Spiritual Awakening

Kundalini Yoga principle believes the energy of the Universe lies within us. Kundalini practice helps create a unified force between us and the universe, this is where the journey of spiritual awakening begins.

  1. Increase Retentive Capacity

Most people often write the things they are supposed to do on a Reminder or To-do list, this is because they have a short memory or easily forget things. Kundalini yoga helps to increase the flow of blood to the brain which improves memory functions and increases retention capabilities.

  1. Peaceful State of mind

For your mind to be at peace you need to be able to connect with the universe. If you can harmonize yourself with the universe, you will have more peace within you. Hinduism believes that the human body consists of 5 elements of nature; Water, Air, Wind, Fire and Ether. When these components are unified the mind becomes one.

  1. Reduce ageing

The major signs of ageing are dark spots and wrinkles and they are caused by oxidative stress. As we grow older, more cells are being damaged due to lack of nutrition, stress, pollution and poor oxygen supply.  Kundalini helps prevent cell damage and inhibits factors that cause ageing.

  1. Sexual Activeness

Sexual pleasure can only be gotten when our body and mind are healthy. The breathing exercises in the kundalini practice helps to relax the body and mind, this makes your sex life improve gradually. Your sex life is transformed into a more meaningful experience. Kundalini improves your potency and sexual appetite.

  1. Improves Lung Capacity

Kundalini practice helps to increase your Lung capacity i.e the amount of air your lungs can hold. The breathing exercise is responsible for this improvement. Your respiratory system functions better.

  1. High Intelligent Quotient

Kundalini awakening makes your mind sharper and increases your analytical skills. Try to take an IQ test before practicing Kundalini yoga, you will observe the difference in your IQ test score before and after practicing.

  1. Tolerance and Compassion

The Kundalini practise connects you to the universe and all creatures. This makes you more compassionate. Many practitioners become vegans because they would not want to feast anymore on animals because of the connections they have with all creatures. Kundalini practitioners have become more tolerant of animals.

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