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Lost Ark is getting two more weekends of the only weekend-only Fever Time event to close the month of the month of July. The event will let players redeem rewards only on Saturday Lost Ark Gold and Sunday. This event joins recently-added bonus progressions that were added following last month's July Spells on Spades Update.

Fever Time is a simple event, since it just requires you to collect rewards once per Saturday and is restricted to one person on your roster. The rewards are significantly different the next time around.
Progression bonuses that were added in the July update remain running , and they include one of them, the Punika Powerpass, by which you can increase the level of any character in a matter of minutes until item level 1302 using a one-time usage to use the pass. There are also Hyper Express events, which means that any character that is at 1302plus (including any one that is insta-leveled in your roster) can participate in a series of progression challenges which will allow them to get to item level 1370. Additionally, this is a part of Abyssal Challenge Dungeons, which will reward winners with things like the ability to improve their supplies.

Now, you'll be able to claim these additional best place to buy Lost Ark Gold chests provided you join on Saturdays and Sunday between 3:01 AM and 2:59 am PT on Saturday. You must also log in on the other days on Sunday in order to submit your claims.
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