WoW patch 9.2 is not yet set to have an official release date

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With just one content patch it appears that those who rebuilt their legendary WoTLK Gold characters to make room for Domination socket gear, or fought in order to outfit their heroes with the most powerful Shards of Domination will only be able use those items in limited scenarios.

The truth that the system is becoming largely forgotten is another sign of recent WoW updates and patches relying on systems that aren't designed to last. The majority of these systems grant players what many players in the community call "borrowed the power", i.e. power that does not come from a player's class or skills, but comes from systems that, once obsolete, create a feeling that players are less powerful. Examples of this include the Legion expansion's artifact weapon system as well as Battle for Azeroth's Azerite equipment, and lastly, Shards of Domination.

WoW patch 9.2 is not yet set to have an official release date, however it is being tested on the game's testing-realm-public-test. Patch 9.2 will conclude the Jailer's plans . It has been described as being the final chapter of the Shadowlands saga . Once it's out in the near future, it will provide the players to a brand new area known as Zereth Mortis, the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, and more.

The update, known as The Tomb of Sargeras WOW WoTLK Classic Gold, features some major additions which include a new PvP Brawls, a dungeon, Pet Battle Dungeon, and classes-specific campaigns that will lead to quests that can unlock new epic mounts for classes.
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