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Some Best Free iPhone Apps


Todoist: ToDo Lists and Tasks  

If you want to be protected, you use clean phone app. If you want a task manager that can handle almost everything except collaboration, you need Todoist. Whether you're looking for a basic task manager that's a bit more robust than what Reminders offers, but also want to immerse yourself in the GTD lifestyle, Todoist is a great place to start. Plus, it's cross-platform, so you're not limited to just macOS, iOS, or iPadOS. 

Google Photos 

Nothing wrong with the iPhone's built-in Photos app. Instead, the bigger problem stems from the storage space added to your iCloud account. With Google Photos,  just use your Gmail account and get 15 GB of free storage where you can upload your favorite photos and videos. Plus, if you're using one of  Google Nest Hub's smart displays, you can view various albums and photos as screensavers. 


NetNewsWire: RSS Reader 

Some might say  RSS is dead, but we argue otherwise. Apps like NetNewsWire and various services like his Feedbin make dreams come true. NetNewsWire is one of the few open-source RSS readers available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. There's a Safari plugin that makes it easy to add new website feeds, so you don't need to use third-party RSS feeds to track your comings and goings to your favorite sites. 


AirDroid -  Transfer & Share Files 

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you've already enjoyed the magic of AirDrop. This makes sharing files between different devices quick and easy, but what if you mostly use your Windows computer alongside your iPhone? AirDroid helps you by offering fast and easy file transfers at speeds up to 20MB/s. You can also use the app to send files and documents to your device via Bluetooth, so it doesn't rely on cellular or Wi-Fi network connectivity. HomeKit 


Home Gadget 

A relatively new app in the App Store, the Home Gadget for HomeKit gives you easy access to your HomeKit devices and scenes. You can set various functions that can be used directly from the home screen. It takes a few tweaks to get everything working properly, but it's an easy and painless process.


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