Microsoft purchasing Activision Blizzard gives the workers the best chance

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In the next few months when Microsoft along with Activision WoTLK Gold Blizzard finalize the paperwork and move through the legal hurdles, more information is expected to emerge. There's a good chance that we'll find out much more details on Bobby Kotick, who reportedly turned a blind eye to the problems in his company which resulted in a massive payout. Again, that will just seem wrong on a personal level and we as a community who are passionate about the business world should voice our displeasure with the way things are done and denounce the behavior. But when that happens it's important to try to keep the fact that Kotick being , and remaining, incomprehensibly rich was likely to happen regardless of an acquisition. The place where our collective voice holds greater influence now is supporting those within Microsoft as well as Activision Blizzard striving to ensure that the conditions improve. There was never a world in which Kotick may have suffered any form of financial retribution regardless of his degree of responsibility, but we can all help create an environment where Activision Blizzard's new leadership isn't perpetuating this kind of irresponsibility and avoidance.

Microsoft purchasing Activision Blizzard gives the workers the best chance to enjoy a an improved working environment. If one CEO who was ousted adding yet another bill to his already massive stack of money is all will be required for this to occur, it's worth the investment.

Microsoft's plan to acquire Activision Blizzard is a massive change in the gaming industry which would bring huge franchises such as World of Warcraft under the Xbox umbrella buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold. The continuing consolidation in the gaming industry has led to questions within the antitrust community about violations and if it will influence the deal.
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