How Do I Activate My Cash App Card?

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If you want to use your Cash App card to purchase products, you can activate it in the app. This Cash App card activation process requires you to have the CVV code, a three-digit number unique on each card. It is also used for generic transactions online. Activating your Cash App card in the app can help you save time and avoid errors in the future.


If you have a Cash App card, you can make purchases at stores using the app. Once activated, you can add other cardholders, view your new pin, make balance transfers, and customize your account settings. You can activate the Cash App card online or download the mobile app to use the card at your convenience.


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  • Once you have downloaded the Cash App, open it on your device. On the home screen, tap on the Cash App icon. 
  • On the device, you will see a list of icons. 
  • Select the Cash Card option. Next, align your camera with the QR code. The card will be activated and ready for use when the code is properly aligned. 
  • You can then enter your CVV code and expiration date on the card. After the scanning process, tap "OK" to use your card.


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