There are also many reasons that players end up on PvP realms

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I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about the phase 2 environment WoTLK Gold, and a lot of dismissive attitude toward players that are not enjoying phase 2’s environment. I wanted to take the time to address some of those things.

1st: You chose a PvP server / Why are you mad that PvP is happening on a PvP server?

PvP was happening on the servers prior to phase 2 without complaint. Phase 2 brought about an extreme increase in the frequency of PvP, which some people quite enjoy, and others find quite frustrating.

Due to how the system runs, the mass ganking by roaming raids doesn’t stop, and there isn’t anywhere to hide from them, as they exist in every zone that players 50+ exist in. If you want to focus on leveling, professions, etc., you need to hope that you can do it in instanced content, and will probably die a half dozen times on your way to it.

It overly highlights faction imbalances, which is something that players also had no control of, and Blizzard actively hid from us by breaking census mods that gave us an idea of how bad things were. My server appeared close to 50:50 when those were working, but now that layering is gone and PvP is turned on, it is clear that alliance are hopelessly outnumbered. Players couldn’t predict this during their leveling process on many servers because of Blizzard’s actions against WoW Census and layering making the problem less visible.

The spy classic addon, as a smaller issue, has made it even harder to stay hidden. I frequently have priests in a raid using it to mind vision me to find my exact location when they did not even have a line of sight on me. I get that players could read the combat log to do this with the /target command, which is why I don’t find this to be a major problem, but it does make the process much easier for them, and increases how often the roaming raid finds you.

There are also many reasons that players end up on PvP cheap WoTLK Classic Gold realms, such as wanting to play with their friends. These players generally had no idea of how extreme phase 2 would be, and many did not sign up for that when they chose it.
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