Blizzard Entertainment has hired its very first Vice President

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Based on the prequel novel's release schedule and the assumption WoTLK Gold that the novel doesn't get delayed, it would seem to indicate that Blizzard is currently aiming for the release date of March 2023 for Dragonflight. It's about the same time frame many players have theorized would make sense of the expansion's arrival, especially considering that Dragonflight isn't accessible for testing on the game's test-realm public to the public.

Adding to the belief that Dragonflight will not release in 2022. but instead be released in 2023. could be Blizzard recently announced Shadowlands will be getting a fourth season. However, it doesn't have new content rather, it will be repurposing previous raids and dungeons. Season 4 is expected to be shorter than a typical one and is expected to arrive later this year. Shadowlands Season 3 started in March. If the past seasons are any guideline, Season 4 will likely last for as long as seven months.

When Dragonflight will be released this year, it will bring it a new look for the game's talent system, major changes to professions, user interface improvements along with a new region of Azeroth to explore, and a completely new race called the Dracthyr, the one race that will be the new Evoker class. Blizzard has recently announced the debut of the first mobile game of the series, World of Warcraft Arclight Rumble which is a Clash Royale-like strategy game.

Blizzard Entertainment has hired its very first WOW WoTLK Classic Gold Vice President in the role of Head of Culture. His job is to aid in making it possible for the World of Warcraft company have an even more "diverse and fair" and open-minded workplace."
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