Lost Ark has not been accessible to players in Netherlands

New York, 纽约美国

The July update for Lost Ark is due to arrive Lost Ark Gold this month, and will introduce players to a new advanced class for Mages called the Arcanist. The Arcanist was available in the Korean version for a couple of months, and now, Western players have the option of purchasing the mage's advanced Class.The Arcanist possess arcane abilities making them able to use spells for long and short-range attacks and also cards that can trigger these spells. We'll detail all the confirmed cards, Deck Cards, engravings, and the skills of the Arcanist Advanced Class within Lost Ark.

Lost Ark has not been accessible to players in Netherlands and Belgium due to specific regulations despite the fact that the game has been available within the West for some time. The situation changes on July 14th.

Amazon have announced the team of their company will be in attendance at TwitchCon Amsterdam! They've announced that they'll be exhibiting on the expo floor, and encourage all attendees not to forget to stop in, say hi to members of the Community staff, and buy some Lost Ark merch if you're at the convention.

They will be in the expo hall between 10 AM to 7:15 PM on July 16, 2017, on Saturday and 10 AM - 6 PM on the following Sunday 17 July.

There'll be a photo booth wall, PCs for creators to reserve time at to try out the forthcoming Arcanist Advanced Class before it debuts in the July Update, and chances for content creators to sign-up to join the Lost Ark Creator Program.

But this isn't the most exciting news to be found at this expo. As part of their presence during TwitchCon Amsterdam Amazon will announce Lost Ark will be available to players from the Netherlands on Steam beginning on July 14th.

The Vykas Phase 3 complete guide in Lost Ark includes all the details of the toughest phase within the Vykas' Legion Rally. With an abundance of different wipe techniques, Phase 3 will require flawless coordination between the 8 members.In this Vykas Phase 3 Complete Guide in Lost Ark, we will list all wipe mechanics and risky attack patterns that may take place in the final part of Vykas' Legion Raid. Due to the huge amount of Vykas moves it is thought to be to be the most difficult of the 3.We hope you are prepared with the right gear for what is one of the most difficult and thrilling raids in Lost Ark that will test your team's endurance, coordination and attention to details. Let's see how to prepare for Vykas.If the last quest in this sequence, "cheap Lost Ark Gold" has been completed, you'll be able to chat with Nia in Nia village to begin "Berver's Friendship." If you've already completed the quest prior to the update, you'll be given the Powerpass at the time that the event begins!
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