There are many different ways that Dragonflight feels like a return-to-basics game

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WoW: WoTLK Gold is scheduled to launch before 2022's end, and the first public alpha testing for the new expansion beginning today.

A Story of World of Warcraft So FarSee MoreI'm Finally Excited Play WoW Again After An Afternoon With Dragonflight

It's no secret that the World of Warcraft community has been caught between rock and hard spot in recent years. Two disappointing updates (with Shadowlands in particular in the race for being the worst WoW expansion of all time), frequent content droughts and a year's worth of shocking headlines pertaining to Blizzard's supposed "frat boy" workplace culture and workplace culture, it's no surprise the majority of long-time WoW players have shifted to greener MMO pastures. While some positive changes have been implemented in the last year both in relation to how Blizzard is run as a business as well as how Blizzard is approaching its future plans for WoW, for many fans the changes are too not enough, and came too late.

The situation raises some issues: What effect does Dragonflight haveon the game, and will the coming expansion, due to launch before the end of the year, allow players to return? It remains to be determined, but having spent more than six hours playing a demo of the forthcoming expansion prior to its public alpha test (which starts today), I'm sure WoW has finally established its feet After two years of wandering around in the Shadowlands.

There are many different ways that Dragonflight feels like a return-to-basics game. That's not a bad thing. The days of flashy, catchy new features like Covenants, Soulbinds, Azerite Armor, Artifact Weapons, Class Halls and Garrisons Warfronts Island Expeditions along with others. Dragonflight's selection of essential features is actually short, with a majority of these focusing on the core aspects of the basic game experience: class progression through the use of new talent trees, reworked professions, and a resoundingly needed user interface upgrade. Character development has always been at the mainstay of what WoW is all about, and Dragonflight offers a refreshingly straightforward version of it. Your class is the only one you have, and all of the potential of your class is available for you to play with. Although each class comes with new talent trees that are inspired by the game's pre-Mists Of cheap WoTLK Classic Gold times, there are no other bells or whistles that come with it. You select your talents. You learn some new abilities. You experiment. You come across a building you like. You play. It's as simple as that.
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