Crafting recipes are a difficulty associated with them

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In the extensive blog about development, professions in Dragonflight WoTLK Gold will differ in three important ways from previous expansions. These new features include the crafting order system, profession specificizations as well as crafted items with qualities that are distinct from standard rarity.

Crafting orders are quite simple. Using an auction house-like interface, players will be capable of placing orders for specific items which can later be accepted by crafters, which are compensated commission. The person who posts the order can choose the possibility of fulfilling it by anyone or whether it's only open to guild members or one particular person. The order taker as well as the order fulfiller can provide the required reagents, however Soulbound the reagents need to be supplied by the person making the purchase. A new faction called the Artisan's Consortium, will take the cost of every transaction.

In terms of item quality, equipment will have five quality levels, for consumables like potions will have three. Each quality level will increase the effectiveness of the item by a tiny amount, with Blizzard explaining that the objective with the new system is "have quality matter enough for it to warrant the effort to attain higher quality while ensuring that the benefits won't become so substantial that less-quality items don't feel worth the effort." For gear, better quality products will be able to attain a higher amount of item levels, while high quality consumables can have longer durations or additional uses.

Crafting recipes are a difficulty associated with them and the high-quality of the end product being created is determined by the base profession skill along with the quality of the reagents used, special finishing reagents, profession gear that may give special skill bonuses, bonuses granted by consumables, and profession specialization. There's also a tiny chance of randomness in crafting that could have an item turn out superior, buy WoTLK Classic Gold than expected. A brand new crafting stat called Inspiration is a possibility of giving extra skill bonuses when crafting along with stats that will permit crafted items to consume fewer resources, make more items, and increase the speed of crafting.
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