Diablo League season and BlizzCon 2019

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This legacy is something D2R Items is very keen to draw attention to, and with good reason. It's an affirmation that the person responsible for Blizzard right now is someone who was instrumental in the creation of the game that has been the game's biggest success.

Brack hasn't had the most pleasant of startsdue to the announcement of an app for mobile versions of Diablo that fans were not happy about. The issue, according to Brack's admits, was an issue that could have been handled more effectively. But in the midst of this crisis, and following it, it's also the developer's perspective and the history that he has which he draws attention to when he asks fans to believe in him and his studio.

While Brack admits that the message could have been clearer he still has faith in Diablo: Immortal as a game and is confident that it is a true representation of Blizzard's values, as they always have been and will continue to be. Not only that, but Brack is convinced that the Blizzard of the present embodies an ethos of developer that created Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft and the countless other games that are adored by the collection.

The final event in this season, Diablo League season and BlizzCon 2019. we talked to Brack about the reaction in Diablo: Immortal, the preservation of the company's identity, and his ambitions for Blizzard.

What was it like to witness World of Warcraft Classic launch considering your past experience with the game and company. It must have been interesting to witness the glory times of Diablo being brought back to life.

J. Allen Brack: Yeah. I believe that it was almost two years ago, at Buy D2R items PC that I announced that we would be able to create Diablo Classic. It was something that the fans had been asking for in the past.
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