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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Message Bottles is interesting game content. It's trivial compared to some popular discussion techniques like getting recipes and balloons. But it is also worth playing for players. And in the process of exploring the island, learn its skills, your gaming experience will be more enriched.

Message Bottles are small bottles that usually located at the shore for the beach. The Message Bottles concept was introduced by Nintendo way back in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Since then, it is now an important part of the games inside the Animal Crossing series where players get lovely messages from NPCs or from Nintendo itself and as well receive DIY recipes.

Furthermore, if you're playing for some time, you could have noticed that you obtain new recipes more often than not. You can find it every day around the main islands along with randomly on beaches of mystery islands. Message Bottles have random spawning locations; however, quite often you will see them inside the east, south, and west shoreline.

Looking for bottles is actually a tiring task, and a lot of players wish to restrict those to one location. Interestingly, there's a different trick in which you can restrict their spawning. This will assist you to gather bottles in a mere one location and searching for them daily would be easy. Although I don't know what these Message Bottles are, I can expect it to be Animal Crossing Bells, or a piece of text, a story, a piece of music, etc. Guess what are you gonna get.

You can restrict the spawning locations with the aid of several Animal Crossing Items. These include Shells, Star Fragments, Furniture, Fruits, Fish, and a lot of other items. Among these, the best choice will be the Shells when they will also assist you to enhance the overall appearance of the island's beach.

However, you are able to even use combinations coming from all aforementioned items also. This is how you may restrict the place of Message Bottles to just one location on your own island.

Coupled with the timely Buy ACNH Bells, you can add points to your game almost anytime. Various Message Bottles will also let you have endless stories to happen.

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