Aluminium Pergola

United Arab Emirates


Aluminium Pergola is an open structure on four bars without any dividers that turned into a well-known nursery highlight in middle age UAE. The capacity of an Aluminium pergola isn’t restricted to impede the sun and give conceal however fill broad needs like upgrading your primary structure’s worth, boosting your nursery, developing an outside extension for your homes, making a private zone. A pergola improves the stylish magnificence of a spot, making it a spot that you couldn’t imagine anything better than to getaway. Rainbow’s redone aluminum pergolas customized for singular needs are lightweight and simple to gather.

Aluminium is the perfect choice of material for pergolas in UAE as humidity, and salty air can trigger corrosion in other metals. Powder-coated aluminium is an option for added safety and color variations for the structure. Pergolas are of two types based on the type of roof into Gable pergola and Flat pergola.

Aluminium pergolas from UAE manufacturer, are the perfect solution, offering durability, functionality and visual appeal. With the option to choose between a selection of RAL colours, you can ensure that your new aluminium pergola matches the existing aesthetics of your home, creating the perfect extension to entertain guests all-year-round.

At Melody Technical Pergolas we recommend taking a good look at our Aluminium pergolas before you buy. Why? Because you can’t help but fall in love with them and seeing our previous projects for some of our now very happy customers is the perfect way to do it!

Pergolas are built with sturdy aluminium frames and weatherproof roofs that make them suitable for all weathers and seasons with a range of accessories which make them perfect for enjoying every season.

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