Hundreds of thousands of people were keen to play the game

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"We could have anticipated the sale a little ahead due to the approximately 600.000 people who registered for the presale in the last couple of days," Steinforth told German news outlet Ran. "At the peak, there were about 800.000 people in the queue virtual in the exact same time."Ticketmaster informed us that they could have sold about 3 million tickets. The demand for this kind of eventin the case of sporting events or concert events -- is usually only seen during the Super Bowl. This advance sale for the Mut 23 Coins German game has outdone all expectations."

Steinforth stated that the event may be remembered as the most significant in terms of tickets demanded that Germany has witnessed in the last couple of decades.Of of course, all the excitement led to some pretty long waiting periods for fans who began to post their own spots in the waiting lists on social networks after the sales began earlier in the week. One of these posts specifically seems to confirm Steinforth's assertion that hundreds of thousands of people were keen to play the game.

"Unfortunately we couldn't do anything about the long, virtual queues. This is more an indication of the excitement people had for Madden 23 Coins Buy," Steinforth said about the mostly unanswered requests. While most fans won't be attending the Buccaneers-Seahawks game, they'll be given more opportunities in the coming years. The league is planning to play a home game during the regular season in Frankfurt in 2023. Eventually, the league is planning to make international tournaments in Germany annually.
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