Resurrected was far more well-received with the Blizzard community

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D2R Items: Resurrected sales hit over 5 million copies Blizzard has reported record Diablo II: Resurrected sales since the RPG game came out six months ago. In actuality at the time of writing the game has sold more than five million copies, which is great going for an old PC game that had a difficult time relaunching due to problems with server issues.

Following the turbulent debut of Warcraft III Reforged, Diablo II: Resurrected was far more well-received with the Blizzard community, despite the aforementioned issues with servers that came with its launch in September 2021.

The Buy D2R items Xbox game has gone through a period of growth and improvement and this month's update 2.4 finally adding a ranked competitive Ladder system as well as the first balance changes the developer has implemented on Diablo II since 2010.
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