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Klonopin Safety Information

As a benzodiazepine, which comes as scored tablets with K shaped perforation, it contains 0.5mg of the active ingredient, Clonazepam. Like most controlled substances, this medication poses serious hazards when it is not used in moderation or when the medication is consumed without a valid prescription. When either of these happens, people encounter common and serious side effects. And, when you experience serious side effects with this drug, do not stop using the medication abruptly that can lead to a burst of withdrawal symptoms.

Pros and cons of using this drug


Every controlled substance comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Klonopin has every potential for abuse and hence, when it is misused, it could reflect striking side effects on the users. Side effects are not to be taken lightly and hence, make sure you seek immediate medical help even if your body displays the slightest of signs.

Klonopin is known to affect your breathing rate when it is taken with any other opioid medication or alcohol. Also, if you have been using any other drug recently and start using Klonopin as a new course immediately, it could definitely affect your breathing. Report to any immediate support when you feel hard to breathe, wake and walk.

Common side effects

Apart from these major conditions, if you experience mood swing often, develop severe seizures, acquire suicidal thoughts and suffer from hallucinations, it is important to contact your doctor and get any medical aid if it is serious. In fact, the effect of sedation lingers longer in older adults and therefore, they will have to be careful while indulging in daily activities.

Coming to the common side effects, it is not abnormal when you are confronted with these effects in the first few days of consumption. However, it becomes dangerous only when it persists for a long time. Some of them are :

Drowsiness and Dizziness
Loss of control in body movements
Depressed thoughts
Memory issues
The adverse effects of Klonopin, which could mean the condition is pretty serious and that emergency medical care is inevitable. They are sedation, swelling of face and breathing difficulties.

Key facts about Klonopin withdrawal

It doesn’t matter how you acquire Klonopin or the purpose why you use the medication. In most cases, the risks are largely reduced when a doctor’s prescription is followed without any change. But when the medication with Clonazepam ingredient is consumed for longer periods than three to four weeks or even months, you are inclined to go through mild or severe withdrawal symptoms based on the dependence. The withdrawal symptoms can always keep you restless, and irritated and even bring back the condition due to which you started taking this drug in the first place.

Klonopin’s withdrawal symptoms do not start immediately, as its half-life extends to about 40 hours. The tricky patch with the drug is that it is not easy to predict its outset and also if you would experience the same set of withdrawal symptoms the next time.

Physical withdrawal symptoms include Spasms in the muscle, loss of weight, incessant sweating, tremors and shakes, dizziness/Unsteadiness, blurry vision, and more.


Withdrawal symptoms of the drug are based on how high a dosage amount you have taken for a prolonged period. In case of severe withdrawal symptoms, one might experience hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, confusions, cognitive issues, severe depression that gives rise to suicidal thoughts, insomnia, and agitation.

It can be easily and effectively managed when taking the right dosage amounts as per the instruction of your doctor. On the other hand, severe withdrawal symptoms require time and willpower. If left untreated can lead to potentially life-threatening situations.

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