Worry-less financial advice for expats in Canada

Surrey, UK


For British citizens moving overseas, careful cross-border financial advice considerations must be given to assure tax and regulatory compliance in both native countries and adopted countries. At Chase Buchanan, we believe there is no “one size fits all” policy in terms of financial advice for ex-pats in Canada.

Our Canada financial advice is your one-stop navigation partner for accessing the best suitable approach for your unique requirements and goals. We assist British nationals moving to Canada. We provide comprehensive expatriate financial advice for Canadian ex-pats which helps them to attain financial stability and peace of mind. At Chase Buchanan, we pride ourselves on being one of the most respected Canadian financial advisors among global financial services to various expatriates across the world.

Financial advice for ex-pats in Canada goes beyond the traditional planning approaches for protecting their residency or non-residency status. Chase Buchanan offers a huge variety of services to meet the requirements of Canadian ex-pats by completing an inventory of all personal assets and guiding you to make responsible approaches surrounding your Canadian residency. We provide effective deal-breaking strategies for Canadian ex-pats related to foreign investments, IT, Retirement planning, real estate, and other sorts of financial planning.

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