How to Apply for Home Loan online?



Home loans are offered by all banks and non-banks. Each bank has its own criteria for granting mortgages, and the management fees and interest rates are also different. Not only that, each bank's time for KPR approval is different. Therefore, before applying for a loan, ask the applicant’s bank how long it will take for loan approval. Apply for a loan from a bank that provides fast home loans and low-interest rates.

Make a higher down payment

Down payment is an important factor in faster home loan approval. But the surprising thing is that most people don't even know it. Banks usually require 20 percent of the total loan amount as a down payment for a home loan. However, higher deposits have two advantages. First, your housing loan will be approved immediately. Second, you also get a home loan with a lower interest rate.

Apply Home Loan Online

Do you dream of buying your own property? Choose Shubham Home Loans. Our home loans are packed with several exclusive features and benefits for novice homeowners. Our mortgages can be used for various purposes. For example, you can buy a plot of land, an apartment, build your own house and even expand your existing home with a building loan. Use the Shubham Home Loan Calculator to find out the interest rate on your home loan and more!

Home Loan Calculator

Loan calculators are an effective way of financial planning. Shubham offers EMI and Eligibility Calculators to help you better plan your loan in terms of monthly expenses, best term, and maximum loan amount. You can also use the apartial prepayment over the life of the loan in terms of reducing the term and total interest payments.

Strong Credit/Cibil Score

Customers with a credit score of 750 and above are considered financially disciplined. They are preferred by lenders. So, if you plan on taking out a home loan in the future, start working towards a credit score of 750 and above. Begin this process by collecting your credit reports regularly from credit bureaus or online financial markets. You should also be financially disciplined and follow good credit habits like paying credit card bills on time, etc.

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