which many MMOs from the past adhere to, and extensive creation similar to games like Black Desert.

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One issue that has been affecting games, not just MMOs is their inability to provide steady amounts of content within a short time frame. Many times, MMOs don't understand the amount of time a player will put into a game that they like. Elyon is not any different. While Elyon has multiple channels to entertain players however, the time required to create content Elyon Gold  has decreased due to grinding and best-in slot loadouts. MMOs require a constant stream of content that is challenging for players to stay engaged, and Elyon isn't able to deliver in this regard.

I loved: The Dungeons

In relation to content, many games try to keep players entertained through the use of Dungeons. End game content in Elyon is very good; it is able to be played solo or with other players. Each dungeon stands out due to the variety of bosses and types of enemies; it doesn't feel like they've been repeated and rinsed. There are other games that do this type of content better. Elyon makes a good impression by what's on offer.

Didn't Love: EXP Loss

A rather harsh system in Elyon includes the loss EXP upon death when facing PvE content (here are a few other rough MMO squads that aren't anymore). The time spent time in forming groups of enemies and following through an efficient EXP path to unlock skills and levels only to see that progress taken from your game is more than annoying. This problem is more noticeable when grinding in a PVP zone, and getting confronted by a rival player and losing a battle you could have won as well as the EXP gained.

Loved The Character Creator

Character Creation is sometimes the primary factor that attracts players to MMOs -by creating characters, players to build their own identity into the game and become associated with the world. A game with too few options for a character creation system can cause players to lose their characters before they begin the game. Elyon is able to find a balance between a minimal design, which many MMOs from the past adhere to, and extensive creation similar to games like Black Desert.

I didn't love: The lack of New Classes

Elyon was launched with six classes: Warlord, Mystic, Elementalist, Gunner, Slayer, and Assassin. Although these classes represent the staple paradigm of character, the absence of variety has become apparent as the Elyon Gold for sale  game gets older. A new class can bring some fresh air to the game, but an easy addition to the pool will not cut it. There is more to a course than simply being new. It must be unique compared to others classes. Black Desert is a game that makes every class feel and behave differently.
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