It is where you make offers, compete with other teams, oversee contracts, and look up new free-agent features.


Another major Franchise mode shift with the release of Madden 23 comes with the new and improved Free Agency Hub. It is where you make offers, compete with other teams, oversee contracts, and look up new free-agent features.

From the hub for free agency, you'll see players' motivations and tags. Each of them is  Madden 23 coins displayed in order of importance . They will carry a positive, negative or neutral state. Additionally, you will see the level of interest of the player to sign with your team.

Furthermore, there's a unique sector for monitoring market prices. This will let you know which organizations are interested the player and the state of the player's offer. This should help you determine if a certain player is worth your time or not.

The site also has a brand updated "Active Negotiations" section, which restricts the amount of offers you can make during each stage of the process. In addition, it forces you to decide which free agents to prioritize over other applicants. As you will be limited to five offers only in the first stage, ten in the next stage, as well as an unlimited amount in the last stage of free agency.

Also, EA has added four new Contract Offer Sets in Franchise Mode in order to speed up the negotiation process and create more realistic experiences. These include Player Friendly Contracts, Team Friendly Contracts, Neutral Contracts, and Very Player Friendly Contracts. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, both for the player as well as for the team.

Additionally, there is a rolling cap feature that allows you to carry on unclaimed space in the cap that was used up in the previous year into the following season.


Not least there are major improvements to the scouting component of Franchise mode in Madden 23. The changes include more scouts in the game in addition to stance expert knowledge and the ability to look at several stances at any time in the game and the weighted attribute reveal.

With more scouts to choose from in Madden 23. players will have more options. This means you'll receive responses to certain leads faster and increase your odds in the draft. Additionally, regardless of the role you're looking for or what skills you're looking for it is likely to be prospects who are experts in this area of the game.

And, now that you can research multiple roles at any point as well, you'll be able get more details on every potential candidate in less time. While the weighted attributes feature ensures that when you search for a certain player, you'll find information about the player's attributes that actually applies to that position.

For example, instead of having to wait and see how a QB's throwing speed or accuracy is within Madden 23. Now you can get those data immediately after scouting a player.

That's all you need be aware of changes to the Franchise buy madden nfl 23 coins  Mode changes in Madden 23. While we wait for more information to come out Be sure to check out other Madden content on Like the Madden 22 quarterback tiers as well as everything that is included in every Madden 23 edition.
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