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Spain - For years Spain has been a big destination for many seeking sun drenched beaches, romantic holidays or dancing the night away. Now covid travel rules are being relaxed by many countries like Greece and possibly, very soon by Spain, this year could be a great opportunity to get back on the beach and enjoy a sun drenched holiday. New top destinations in Spain will be added regularly as our team researches the best of the best for a Spanish holiday.


Portugal - With its endless beaches, 350 days of sunshine and all year lovely temperature, its no wonder Portugal is a holiday haven.

Along the western coastline from the Algarve in the south to Porto in the north there are countless sandy bays and small seaside towns and much of the coast has endless miles of sandy beaches - approx 850 kilometres of beaches!

Africa - With so many wondrous country's in Africa to visit from beautiful sandy coasts to tropical parks to safari, tourism to this continent is constantly increasing. For the top locations check out our resorts and reviews.


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