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For OSRS gold that have attacks and pickpockets You can visit game settings and hide NPC attack options to make pickpocket appear on top of the list , and will be the left click option. It is helpful for Ardougne Knights, guards, etc when training thieving, no more needing to click right every time you want to steal, you can just spam left click.

In RuneLite in particular, the Menu Entry Swapper plugin is a more powerful version that lets you alter a lot of things around. Left-click fill/empty bags and pouches and make "use" the left-click action to use bones during offering at the altar of chaos or PoH gilded altar, and lots of other things.

In game settings, you can set value limits for dropping or alching items so a box pops up to confirm your actions. This is great mobile to ensure you avoid dropping or alching an item of value by misclicking. You can also set the game to highlight drops that cannot be traded in the chatbox with red, in addition to drops exceeding a set gold value. It's also great for mobile, so that you don't have press a long time every time you kill something, set the value to 1gp and it will tell you each drop.

RL also comes with the entity hider plugin , which allows you to conceal all other players, pets, and even you. It's great for extremely crowded places like Wintertodt mass worlds to ensure that you're able to see the moment you suffer damage and lose your focus or splashing around in Ardy knight worlds to ensure that you don't accidentally hit the knight due to too many people being on that tile, and anywhere else where it's helpful to not be seen by other players. Hiding your own player model is nice when you are at the altar of chaos in the wilderness so that when other players attempt to log in onto the same tile as you, you will detect them right away. Or when you are doing PvP or LMS in general and players freeze and stand under you then you can view their gears and react accordingly.

Many people do not think about lower-level silver jewelry. A worn-out necklace offers an opportunity of 25% of negating the stun when failing pickpocketing, a necklace of passage has some powerful teleports. Amulet of bounty offers a 25% chance to save seed in allotment patches, which is beneficial for more expensive seeds, like snape grass. Also, the amulet chemical gives a 5% chance of making a four-dose potion instead 3 dose. The amulet of chemistry contains several interesting mechanisms when it comes to making costly potions that require lesser than three doses, like the divine and stamina potions. You can increase your yield by creating 1-dose potions using the amulet. It takes 3x as long , yet provides 5percent more yield from the same ingredient inputs. It's particularly helpful for ironmen that want to stretch their amylase or crystal shards the most is.

Monks in most monasteries will heal you if you talk to them, including the ones in the Cheap RuneScape gold where the Ardy cape will teleport you. Teleporting to an altar and speak to the monk in order to heal. Additionally, when you teleport there, you can run northeast around the right side of the zoo to access the docks or bank for a sail to Brimhaven. you don't need to go through the zoo to go north and then east. Also , to get to West Ardy you can run straight to the west, around the base of the clock tower, then north to reach the gates instead of running through the zoo before going around the castle. You can also use the spirit tree which is right there.
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