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Plex is famous because of its smart user interface and ability to manage and play expansive libraries of movies, TV shows, and music. Yet, streaming downloaded content is not all you can do with the digital media player. By installing Plex plugins, you are able to expand its functionality and enjoy content from online sources.

Plex plugins are really useful, so it's been frustrating to see Plex remove its official Plugin Manual and start phasing out plugin support fully. It’s equally frustrating to see other blogs and guides still advising Plex plugins that no longer work.

I tried almost100 all of the most famous plugins to find which no one still works. I found that while the service has phased out most UI applications and streaming plugins, there are still some excellent utility plugins for Plex you can rely on for now.

If you do a lot of streaming content that may come from an unofficial source, another tool you should strongly consider is a VPN. These programs aren’t plugins, but they can support you get about speed throttling imposed by your ISP and protect you from trouble should you accidentally download or host copyrighted content.

  1. Kitana:-

Kitana was initially developed for Sub-Zero, but you can now use it as an interface to manage all of your plugins for Plex. Kitana is a cross-platform plugin, so it will work across most of your devices, even smartphones. If you plan to use Kitana to manage your plugins on the go (particularly when using public WiFi), I'd suggest using a VPN to encrypt your internet connection to protect your personal information. ExpressVPN is an excellent choice, and it has applications for both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Plex Export:-

One of the best Plex Plugins permits you to video your Plex library without accessing the server. Plex Export is the finest Plex Plugin for creating an interactive and available HTML Page for you are browsing. Your content will be shown by section, and there would be a number of live filters to conduct a quick check for what is newly available on the server.

  1. Cigaras IPTV:-

With the organisation of thousands of TV networks around the world, IPTV is among the best Plex Plugins. The Cigaras IPTV permits you to manage your favourite broadcasts unless they are geo-limited. Separated from this, you can add more content online utilising M3U Playlist URLs that can be found via a simple Google Search. Separated from all these features, IPTV includes customized Channel categories, personalized channel logos, and on-screen manual programs as well.

  1. Trakt Scrobbler:-

Trakt Scrobbler is one of the best Plugins for Plex Media Player ranked among the top logins to Plex. You can download it from any browser or find it on web tools. It comes with plenty of stimulating features such as progress tracking chances for TV shows and movies on Plex. You can make your playlist based on the rating it provides. The Trakt Scrobbler even syncs with your media player and classified the most-viewed web series and TV shows.

  1. Tautulli:-

If you want to track users on your Plex server, you can do it manually, but it would be just challenging to track the activities if the number is big. Tautulli comes as one of the best Plex Plugins for user search. You can track visiting time and shows watched by users on the same server. All these can be done very fast in real-time.

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