Bortezomib price



Bortecine has the salt composition bortezomib. It is a targeted therapy for certain blood cancers. This medication helps manage conditions including multiple myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma. It may have adverse effects like blood in the stools, unusual bruising, and fever. Get an affordable bortezomib price quote from Magicine Pharma. Avail exclusive discounts and get quick shipping services.

Capecitabine price

Capekast is an approved regimen for cancer treatment. It comprises Capecitabine in the dose strength of 500mg. The medication is given for the treatment of people with gastric cancer and breast cancer. It may also help manage colorectal cancer in some patients. Its adverse effects may include stomach pain, swelling in the legs, kidney infections, etc. Enquire about the capecitabine price and order on Magicine Pharma. You may save 34%.

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