l asparaginase injection



L-Aspara is an approved medicine that contains l asparaginase. It is used in the treatment of people with leukemia. This medication is also prescribed for some other blood cancers. It is available in the strength of 10,000 IU as injections. The side effects of l asparaginase injection may include skin rash, infections, nausea, fatigue, etc. Purchase such cancer-fighting medicines from Magicine Pharma. Avail up to 25% off and get the products shipped within a few days.

plerixafor injection price

Mozifor is an approved medicine that comprises plerixafor. It is prescribed for the treatment of some patients suffering from cancer. The medicine is given to blood cancer patients prior to stem cell transplant. Mozifor is available in the strength of 24mg/1.2ml as injections. It may show adverse effects like blood in the urine, coughing up blood, sore throat, and pain in the arms or legs. Enquire about the plerixafor injection price on Magicine Pharma. Purchase the medicine at a low price and get it shipped quickly.

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