Can erectile dysfunction be corrected?



Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is the most common sex problem that men report to their doctor. ED is defined as trouble getting or keeping an erection that's firm enough for sex.

Though it's not rare for a man to have some problems with erections from time to time, ED that is progressive or happens routinely with sex is not normal, and it should be treated.

Many men today in the age group of 18-65 years suffer from the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. There are temporary solutions available for the cure of this problem in the form of medications. Some of the most commonly prescribed medicines by doctors are:  prejacCenforce Professional  Vilitra 60 and  Aurogra 100

Most often when blood flow in the penis is limited or nerves are harmed 

  • With stress or emotional reasons
  • As an early warning of a more serious illness, like atherosclerosis (hardening or blocked arteries), heart disease, high blood pressure or high blood sugar from Diabetes
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