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Dorset, UK


We all know employment vetting can be extremely time-consuming and can result in frustration and low productivity. With Secure Screening Services, you can turn all these ups and downs. Twists and turns into simply the most uncomplicated and smart task. Regardless of the location, we provide employment screening services to organizations of all sizes and of all businesses. We are here to solve all your vetting challenges and to help you work smartly in this global business environment. We have full expertise in background screening, specifically designed according to your requirements.

 We are a team of extremely skilled and expert staff who deliver quality content and attribute quality information through concise assistance.

Our services may vary as per the policies of different countries; this is a list of services we provide across the UK:

  • Criminal records                                                                 
  • Right to work
  • Employment history
  • Qualification checks
  • DBS checks
  • Identity checks
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