Long Lasting used Berlinlasers 685nm 5mW to 100mW Red Laser Diode Modules



Have you ever found a quite practically used dot measuring tool or not? Not easy to reach with a simple red laser pointer, it is making even better job with Berlinlasers 5mW to 100mW 685nm red laser diode module. It is getting similar red laser, however, being made with an external electric power source and inner part designed metal heat sink cooling system inside 16mm and 26mm diameter metal housing tube, this red laser just gets good thermal emitting and high stability red dot projection in long time use.

This 685nm red laser diode module applies qualified glass coated lens, equipping with up to 24 hours aging preventing tests, it just achieves excellent laser light cycling use and highly reliable red dot projection in continuous use. It is getting special design of adjustable focus optic lens. When high intensity red laser light is concentrated, it gets freely adjusted red dot diameter and achieves high accuracy and good direction red dot alignment for a lot of application fields perfectly.

Technical data:

Item: Berlinlasers 685nm 5mW to 100mW red laser diode modules

Laser class: IIIa, IIIb

Optic lens: glass coated lens

Power source: 5V, 9V 1000mA DC power supply

Applications: drilling system, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, red laser sight, military targeting and high tech

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