Build-A-Bear and Animal Crossing: New Horizons collaboration

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Animal Crossing: After the first birthday of New Horizons, the collaboration with Build-A-Bear will be announced soon. Not long ago, the collaboration with Super Mario provided fans with a variety of in-game. The playability of this theme is also very optimistic from the current point of view. Therefore, the cooperation with Build-A-Bear is also worth looking forward to. After all, the plush toys of the villagers are very soft.

Throughout Animal Crossing's 20-year history, many of Animal Crossing's villagers have been capture Nintendo players' affection. However, Animal Crossing: New Horizons proved that some villagers tend to be more popular versus the rest. It is expected the superstar villagers are definitely the ones headlining the crossover between Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Build-a-Bear.

Since its release, Raymond has become a favorite of many players because of its smug personality and cute appearance. It should be the most likely star to play a star. I am willing to bet with ACNH Bells. Given his popularity with Animal Crossing: New Horizons players, it's quite possible that Raymond will likely be one of the villagers to be presented as a Build-a-Bear stuffed toy. Other popular cat villagers may also be likely to be part of the crossover, like Ankha, Bob, Felicity, Kid Cat, Mitze, and Monique.

Apart from cat villagers, other popular characters may also be likely to be within the Build-a-Bear crossover. Villagers like Judy, Merengue, and Stitches will make an adorable stuffed toy that greatly assists colorful and unique character designs. Also, look forward to the related release of the theme, if the Animal Crossing Items in the game appear in the toy, will also become a highlight. Especially those who even need Buy Animal Crossing Bells and Nook Miles Tickets to get items will definitely make players like them. Other popular villagers that might be featured like a Build-a-Bear toy are Marshal, Chebre, Coco, Diana, Flurry, and Megan.

More than 400 villagers also gave players many choices. Interesting Tim and Tommy Nook, Reese and Cyrus, etc. are likely to be selected characters. Let us look forward to more news about Build-A-Bear!
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