The 2K22 model is of an All-Around 2 way Monster



The LA Lakers great is second Cheap MT 2K22 on our list , and a player who had a 99 NBA 2K22 in-game rating. The 6'9 All Around Threat racked up five NBA rings throughout his career with three Finals MVPs to his name as the Lakers battled the Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons during the 1980s.

In terms of statistically, Johnson had a huge advantage on the court with a ShotIQ rating of 98 and his Handles have an in-game rating of 98, and his accuracy in passing is 99. Johnson is the owner of 36 badges of which five badges are Hall of Fame level. Magic was chosen to take part for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 alongside Jordan, Charles Barkley and Larry Bird -- dubbed the "Dream Team".

Many consider Jordan "THE GOAT," so it's not surprising to find MJ lead the way with six NBA championships as well as six NBA Finals MVPawards, and five regular season MVP awards which are just some of his achievements. Being among the four players with an overall score over 99 in NBA 2K22 Jordan was a dominant player in the league, not only once, but twice, coming back to Chicago Bulls with his infamous 'I'm back' statement in 1995.

The 2K22 model is of an All-Around 2 way NBA 2K MT Monster. There are more than 57 badges, out of which only 18 of them are Hall of Fame level. Notable stats include 94-rated Outside Scoring , and 86 Playmaking. The player needs to work on his Rebounding skills, however -- the legendary Shooting Guard is only rating 58 in the discipline.
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