4 Hard-to-Kill Indoor Plants Best for You

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Adding a little splash of greenery can make your indoor spaces look more relaxing and alive. However, growing plants can also give people nightmares. After all, no one wants to make their plants die. But what can you do if you are a forgetful gardener and can’t take responsibility for your little ones? If you really want to add some greens to your indoor space, we have a list of the four hard-to-kill indoor plants everyone must have indoors. Let’s Begin!!

Snake Plant

If we talk about the most hard-to-kill plant on our list that loves being neglected, it is Sansevieria. Often called the Mother-in-Law’s tongue for its long and sturdy leaves, it is an excellent plant to grow indoors. One of the biggest reasons Snake Plant are preferred widely is their large variety of sizes, colors, and shapes that easily fit any place. Whether you want to keep them in your living room or at your work desk, they do perfectly everywhere.

Rubber Plant

Are you looking for something vibrant or cheerful that can fill your not-so-bright corners? Most famous as Ficus Elastica, they are the perfect choice for first-time gardeners. You don’t have to stress much about them in case of missed watering. Rubber Plants can easily take care of themselves even in unfavorable conditions. So, if you are a forgetful gardener or trying your hands for the first time in gardening, you can pick them up for your indoors.

Dracaena Marginata

Do you want to add some elegance to your contemporary indoor spaces? Beauty does not always come with a cost. Keeping Dracaena Marginata to your indoor space does not ask for too much care. They can easily tolerate some missed watering and low light conditions, even if they prefer medium light. Also, they can grow really tall when grown in light conditions. So, if you have a large living room with a high ceiling, they can enhance your indoor spaces.

ZZ Plant

You may have heard a lot about ZZ Plant for their air-purifying nature and easy to care properties. Their ovulate, glossy-green and leathery leaves help give your indoors a perfect touch. Also, they are the first preference of planters who are highly forgetful about their plant. ZZ plants can easily thrive well when given the proper care and environment. Also, you can quickly get them at Leaf Baba for the best prices. Buy now to give your indoors an excellent look and feel. 

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