EA also announced a new promotion for Madden NFL 22's Ultimate Team mode

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Electronic Arts' Madden Super Bowl Madden 22 coins prediction have a long history of being extremely accurate, but completely incorrect. The last time it was quite, very incorrect. Check out the EA Sports blog to see an in-depth analysis of Super Bowl LVI, as predicted by Madden.

In related news, EA also announced a new promotion for Madden NFL 22's Ultimate Team mode. Every person who has run five miles and logs it on The Nike Run Club application between the dates of February 7 and 14 will receive an achievement award and the speed increase of Aaron Donald in the video game.

The real Super Bowl LVI takes place on February 13, this Sunday, and will air on NBC. Dwayne “The rock” Johnson is showing up during the pregame festivities, and we're anticipating a lot of commercials, too.

In the lead-up to this next Sunday's NFL Super Bowl, Nike and Madden have joined forces to encourage gamers to get active by offering an exclusive player in Ultimate Team.

From today until February 14, runners who log five mut coins miles in the Nike Run Club app will get the chance to create havoc in Madden 22 with an upgraded version of Aaron Donald. The player item for this game's Los Angeles Rams' defensive force will come with a +1 speed enhancement, and users will also earn an achievement badge in the Nike Run Club app upon completion.
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