Lost Ark is the latest MMO to make its debut on the scene of gaming

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Once your guild is Lost Ark Gold created, you can manage it by clicking on the links at the top the panel and selecting "Manage." In there you can edit the flag, change the name of your guild, change the leader of the guild, change join settings, and more.

At present, the maximum number of members for guild members is 30. Guilds must meet objectives and give money to the guild to help level it up and increase the number of members the guild can accommodate. The Level Benefits tab will show players what the advantages are for each level the guild is able to achieve.

Lost Ark is officially available for those who play in the Western world. And with it being available for free this weekend, there are an abundance of character options for anyone to look at before hopping into the game.

With five classes, the game doesn't come across as particularly complex at first glance. But each of those classes has between two and four sub-classes, referred to as an "Advanced Class."

Lost Ark is the latest MMO to Lost Ark Gold for sale make its debut on the scene of gaming, with thousands of players diving into the brand new game. The game will officially launch on February. 11, but players are already playing with early access.
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