This is technically possible with the latest version of 2K22



It should also be noted that, much like Nba 2k22 Mt the other VC problems in the NBA 2K series, it's possible that using these methods in a manner that's obvious could cause your account to be banned. While 2K isn't as aggressive in dealing with these types of sanctions lately, you need to remember that you're at risk when you use any non-approved route to earn VC.

We are not responsible for disciplinary action due to these flaws. With everything taken care of, let's get back to the best part. Soon after the NBA 2K22 release, players found they could gain easy VC through quitting this newer version of the game at the same time that their first game at the Brickley's Gym was about over.

This is technically possible with the latest version of 2K22 but there's an added wrinkle to the process. To earn your VC and badge progression from the game, you have to win the game each time.

So, open up your MyCareer, specifically mt 2k22 with a profile that's been through all the basic instructions, and then head to Brickley's Gym it's located on the City map. Enter the building, and begin your first game by talking directly to an NPC inside. When your badge progress is completed at the end of the game, stop in the middle of your game.
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