4 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Best for Your Office Needs

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Your Office is like the second home where you spend the most crucial time of your day. However, spending all your day in front of a PC can make your environment seem boring. Luckily, we have plants that brighten up our workspaces. Many low-maintenance Indoor plants in India can do wonders to your environment with just a little care. Below we have a list of the top 4 low maintenance plants that can be a perfect addition to your workspace:

Snake Plant

Snake plant are widely famous for their highly tolerant nature to low light areas and less watering. They can quickly go on for multiple days without water, even after being placed in low-light areas. Being the toughest and easy to care indoor plant, it is often found in homes, offices, and public places. Their ability to purify air helps remove toxins from the air by making the environment clean and cheerful.

Spider Plant

Well known for their green and white foliage, Spider Plant enhance the look and feel of your workspace. The biggest reason they are the most preferred low-maintenance indoor plant in India is the stunning structure that elevates your entire office environment. They require only a little bit of water within a few days, and they will keep growing at an incredible rate.

Jade Plant

When choosing the perfect plant for your Office, Jade Plant has a special place. Their small coin-like green and fleshy leaves make your workspace look lively and stunning. Their unique structure and luck-bringing properties make them one of the widely preferred low-maintenance indoor plants in India. All they need is a little water when the soil dries out completely, and it will keep thriving and bringing luck.

Syngonium Plant

Do you want to add some exotic colors to your dull workspace? Then, Syngonium Plants can make this possible. They come in large colors and varieties that can do the magic. They are popularly known as Arrowhead Vine, which can brighten your spaces without much-needed care. Their Unique structure and foliage make them the most preferred low maintenance indoor plants in India that elevates your areas. Buy them online at Leaf Baba to get easy doorstep delivery with free first shipping. 

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