How to Grow Syngonium (Pink) Plants?

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Syngonium pink plants are among the top plants found in home gardens or offices. Due to their versatile nature and low light tolerant nature. The plant has attractive evergreen foliage that is popular for its ornamental use. Their broad heart-shaped variegated leaves give the plant a stunning look. Also known as arrowhead vines are the perfect addition to your garden. Let us show you the top ways to grow these plants with the best care tips:

Take care of the light requirements.

The first thing you must focus on when growing Syngonium Pink plants requires the right amount of sunlight. However, these plants can easily tolerate low light but thrive well in indirect bright sunlight areas.

Keep it rehydrated

If you want your Syngonium plants to grow well, you must balance the watering sessions. Do not highly over water your plants, especially when placed in low light indoors, as it will lead to root rotting. Also, the leaves will start turning brown when under watered. Make sure you are watering them right.

Keep away from drafty windows & AC vents.

If you want to protect your Synognium plants from dying, never place them in places like near AC vents and drafty windows. Though they are evergreen in nature, but cannot face harsh hot rays of AC vents and chilly drafty windows or doorways. Always place them in well-lit corners of your indoors and bright shaded outdoors where it doesn’t get harsh sunlight.

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