Best Ways to Take Care of your Houseplants at Home or Office

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Nowadays, most people prefer keeping houseplants around them. Due to their widespread popularity, indoor plants have drastically changed their preferences. In the past two years, people started spending most of their time indoors. With the growing pollution and diseases in the environment, keeping natural air purifiers at home has become essential. NASA recommends several indoor plants for their air-purifying agents. Let us brief you about the various ways to take good care of your indoor plants. Here we will mention the top three plants and the ways to take care of them: 

ZZ Plants

ZZ plants are the most common houseplants found in offices and homes, and it is famous for their beautiful structure and low-maintenance nature. Taking care of ZZ Plants is very easy and requires only a little attention. The best method to keep it thriving is to give them water only once in two weeks and an ample amount of indirect sun.

Spider Plants

If you look for a houseplant with an adaptable nature, the Spider plant is the first preference. This is the number one choice for gardeners due to its beautiful evergreen foliage and low maintenance nature. Taking care of spider plants is very easy as you need to water them only when the topsoil dries. All you need is to manage the watering cycle and ample indirect sunlight for better growth.

Snake Plants

Snake plants are the perfect choice for your home or office needs. If you want to keep your environment fresh and healthy, snake plants are the best. Being succulent requires only a little water, and it will keep thriving. All they need is just a tiny amount of indirect sunlight, and it can tolerate everything. Their drought-resistant nature helps in keeping them alive even in uncertain conditions.


Indoor plants are not only great air purifiers but also help in keeping a positive environment around you. The best thing is they just need a little care, and it will keep your environment fresh and healthy. If you want to know more about how to take care of them, you can keep reading blogs on Leaf Baba.

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